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website for Strangers 2 2018

Eye in Un Chien Andalou 1929

Mr Bean as Pannywise

Soldier in Predator 2019 released in 2015

Scared in Amityville Awakening 2017

Negan in TWD S7 2017

masked man in The Strangers 2008

zombies in Be Be Chrool To Your Scuel 1985

transforming in WolfCop 2014

Lizard in Rampage 2018

Predator Wallpaper

infected in Bite 2015

Alien in X-Files Season 11 2018

Pin-up girl in The Strangers Prey at Night 2018

Filmmaker Clive Barker

Danny and Bear in The Shining 2017

Kai in AHS S7 2017

Attack in Get Out 2017

Angela in REC 2007

Ginger in Ginger Snaps 2000

End of the line!
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Angela in REC 2007
Total Eclipse of the Heart, Wild Boys, Dancing with Myself
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